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Half Tray Serves 6-8 Full Tray Serves 12-16

Chicken Fingers Half $45 Full $80

Fried Calamari-Marinara,Hot,Asian, Sweet Chili Half $70 Full $130

Clams Oreganata Half $55 Full $110

Eggplant Rollatini Half $50 Full $90

Eggplant Parmigiana Half $55 Full $100

Kobe Meatballs Half $90 Full $175

Stuffed Mushrooms (With Crab Meat) Half $65 Full $125

Crab Cakes (With Honey Mustard Sauce) Half $95 Full $185

Coconut Shrimp (With Mango Sauce) Half $80 Full $150

Broccoli Rabe And Italian Sweet Sausage Half $65 Full $110

P.E.I Mussels Marinara Or Fra Diavolo Half $50 Full $100



Shrimp Cocktail U-12 (U-8 Available M/P) $32 Per Pound

Seafood Salad $ M/P

Grilled Vegetable Platter-Marinated With Balsamic 12”-$50 18”-$85

Vegetable Crudite With Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce 12”-$45 18”-$75

Caprese -Fresh Mozzarella,Tomato And Basil 12”-$60 18”-$110

Cold Antipasto-Cold Cuts,Cheese,Pepperoncini,Olives 12″$-70 18″-$130

Smoked Salmon-Onions,Capers,Creme Fraiche,Toast 12″-$70 18″-$130

Smoked Salmon And Crab Meat With Pesto Cream 12″-$90 18″-$170



Serves 8-10

Caesar-Romain,Croutons,Grated Parmigiano Anchovy Dressing $60

Greek-Red Onions,Sweet Peppers,Tomatoes,Black Olives,Feta Cheese $65

Arugula-Strawberries,Red Onions,Candied Pecans,Pomegranate Vin. $75

Novelli-Romaine,Arugula,Tomatoes,Roasted Pepp.,Mushrooms,Palmito $75

Spinach-Oranges,Walnuts,Blueberries,Visalia,White Balsamic Vin. $75

Garden-Mesclun,Tomatoes,Carrots,Cucumbers,Onions $45

Wedge-Iceberg Lettuce,Blue Cheese Dressing,Bacon,Chopped-Tomatoes $45



Half Tray Serves 6-8 Full Tray Serves 12-16

Penne Vodka Half $55 Full $100

Penne Vodka With Chicken Half $75 Full $130

Penne Vodka With Shrimp Half $95 Full $175

Penne Al Forno Baked With Ricotta And Mozzarella Half $60 Full $110

Tortellini (Cheese Or Meat) Alfredo Half $60 Full $110

Lasagna (Meat And Béchamel) Half $60 Full $110

Cavatelli And Broccoli Garlic And Oil Half $60 Full $110

Orecchiette With Italian Sweet Sausage Broccoli Rabe And Cannelloni,O-G-Half $65 Full $115

Rigatoni Bolognese (Meat And Pork Blend) Half $75 Full $130

Mac & Cheese Half $50 Full $85

Wild Mushroom Risotto Half $65 Full $120



Chicken Marsala, Francese, Picatta Or Parmigiana-Half Tray $65 Full Tray $120

Chicken Maison-Parmigiani Crusted Tenders,Mushrooms, Madeira Wine-Half Tray $65 Full Tray $130

Sesame Chicken Half Tray $65 Full Tray $120

Chicken Scarpariello-Bone-In With Sweet Sausage,Rosemary,Peppers And Potatoes-Half Tray $75 Full Tray $140

Chicken Murphy-Boneless Pieces W/Sweet Sausage,Cherry Peppers,Onions,Potatoes

White Wine Sauce Half Tray $70 Full Tray $130

Chicken Stir Fry-Strips Tossed With Vegetables,Garlic,Ginger And Soy Sauce Over Fried Rice

Half Tray $70 Full Tray $130



Italian Sausage And Peppers-Onion,Sweet Peppers, Lite Tomato Sauce Half Tray $55 Full Tray $100

Short Ribs Red Wine Braised Half Tray $160 Full Tray $310

Beef Stir Fry-Strips Of Steak Tossed With Vegetables,Garlic,Ginger And Soy Sauce Over Fried Rice Half Tray $85 Full $160

Roasted Loin Of Pork-Mango,Peppers,Honey Balsamic Glaze -Half Tray $65 Full Tray $160

Sliders-Mini Beef Burgers,Sautéed Onions,Pickles ,Potato Buns-Half Tray $65 Full Tray $120

Rack Of Lamb-Mustard Crusted,Port Wine Sauce-$35 Per Rock


Salmon Oreganata-Baked With Garlic And Herb Bread Crumbs,White Wine And Lemon Sauce Half Tray $75 Full $140

Sesame Salmon-Baked With Asian Ginger Sauce Half $75 Full $140

Pan Seared Salmon-Asparagus,Tomatoes, White Wine And Lemon Half Tray $75 Full Tray $140

Stuffed Filet Of Sole-Crab Meat And Spinach With Garlic,Lemon And White Wine M/P

Filter Of Sole Oreganata-Baked With Garlic And Herb Bread Crumbs,White Wine Lemon Sauce M/P

Shrimp Scampi Or Francese Half Tray $95 Full Tray $185

Chilean Sea Bass M/P

Halibut M/P

Red Snapper M/P

Seafood Risotto M/P


Garden Vegetables   Half Tray $40  Full Tray $75

Haricot Verts  Half Tray $50  Full Tray $95

Broccoli And Cauliflower  Half Tray $40  Full Tray $75

Potatoes Alfredo Half Tray $45  Full Tray $85

Red Roasted Potatoes Half Tray $45  Full Tray $85

Mashed Potato Half Tray $45  Full Tray $85

Garlic Mashed Potato Half Tray $50  Full Tray $90

Potato Croquettes (Mozzarella And Scallions) Half Tray $45  Full Tray $85

Rice Pilaf  Half Tray $40  Full Tray $75

Coconut And Vegetable Rice Pilaf  Half Tray $45  Full Tray $85



Bruschetta-Tomatoes,Basil,Olive Oil,Balsamic    $1.15 Each

Tuna,Mango And Avocado On A Wonton Skin   $2.25 Each

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops  $3.50 Each

Mini Crab Cakes With Honey Mustard Cream  $4.50 Each

Coconut Shrimp With Mango Sauce   $3.00 Each

Coconut Shrimp,Peppers And Mango Kebob  $3.25 Each

Stuffed Mushrooms-Bellini Caps Stuffed With Crab Meat   $3.00 Each

Filet Mignon On Toast-Dipped In Butter On A French Baguette  $4.50 Each

Lamb Chops-Port Wine Dipping Sauce  $35 Per Rack

Brie And Pear In Phyllo-Honey And Walnut Sauce  $1.75 Each

Smoked Salmon And Crab Meat Rolls-With Pesto Cream  $5.00 Each

Smoked Salmon-Onions,Capers And Creme Fraiche On Toast   $3.50 Each

Franks In A Blanket-Hot Dogs Wrapped In Puff Pastry   $1.50 Each

Asparagus Puff Pastry Cigars   $2.00 Each

Beef Negimake-Scallions Rolled In Beef   $3.50