Our Menu

Dinner Antipasti - Appetizers

  • $18

    Caprese Con Mozzarella Burrata

    Tomatoes,Basil,Grilled Eggplant,Balsamic ,EVVO

  • $18

    Smoked Salmon

    Onions,Capers,Creme Fraiche

  • $3

    Oysters Cocktail OR RockefellerEach

  • $18

    Fried Calamari

    Sweet Peppers And Scallions Over Sweet Chili Sauce

  • $7

    Shrimp CocktailPer Shrimp

  • $16

    Kobe Meatballs

    Plum Tomato Sauce

  • $14

    Clams Cocktail OR Oreganata(8)

  • $26

    Grilled Octopus

    Potatoes,Caramelized Onions,Hot Peppers And Tomatoes, Garlic And Oil

Dinner Minestra - Soup

  • $10

    Stracciatella Soup

  • $10

    Escarole e Fagioli

  • $10

    Pasta e Fagioli OR Escarole e Fagioli

  • $10

    Tortellini In Brodo

    Carrots, Peas

Dinner Insalate - Salads

  • $14

    Roasted Beets

    Vidalia Onions, Feta Cheese, Mache Raspberry Vinaigrette

  • $14


    Romaine. Arugula, Mushrooms, Artichokes Tomatoes, Palmito, Roasted Peppers House Dressing

  • $14


    Red Onions,Strawberries,Candied Pecans,Brie Cheese,Pomegranate Vinaigrette

  • $16


    Bufalo Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Basil

  • $16


    Traditional Anchovy Dressing

  • $14

    Spinach Salad

    Walnuts,Blueberries,Apples,Goat Cheese,White Balsamic

Dinner Primi - Pasta

  • $36


    Filet Mignon Tips,Wild Mushrooms,Arugula, Tomatoes, Boursin Cheese

  • $28

    Fresh Fusilli

    Chicken, Broccoli,Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Pignoli, Garlic And Oil

  • $26

    Fresh Spinach Fettuccine Bolognese

    Homemade Pasta With Pork And Beef Blend, Shaved Ricotta Salata

  • $26–$32

    Penne Vodka

    • With Chicken - $26
    • Add shrimp - $32

    Vodka Pink Cream With Peas

  • $34

    Fresh Chitarra

    Homemade Pasta With Shrimp,Escarole,Cherry Peppers,Shrimp Sauce

  • $24

    Meat Tortellini

    Spinach, Prosciutto, Shiitake, Alfredo Sauce

  • $26

    Gnocchi Margherita

    Plum Tomato And Basil Sauce With Fresh Mozzarella

  • $26

    Fresh Orecchiette

    Homemade Italian Sweet Sausage,Broccoli Rabe And Cannellini Beans ,Garlic And Oil

Dinner Secondi – Entrees

  • $44

    Lobster And Mussels

    Capers, Leeks, Tomatoes, Asparagus, Lemon Butter Over Cappellini

  • $38


    Pan Seared With Mussels, Hot Banana Peppers, Shiitake And Tomatoes White Wine

  • $36

    Rainbow Trout

    Grilled Over Watercress, Onion, Papaya And Almond Salad

  • $36

    Veal Novelli

    Cutlet Topped With Arugula, Red Onion,Tomato And Burrata Salad

  • $36

    Shrimp Novelli

    Egg Battered With Garlic, Scallions, Lightly Spiced Brandy Cream Over Fresh Pappardelle

  • $36


    Pan Seared ,Crispy Skin Over Escarole, Cannellini And Garlic Sauce

  • $38

    Faroe Island Salmon

    Pistachio-Coconut Crusted With A Malibu Rum And Pineapple Sauce

  • $30

    Brick Chicken

    Semi-Boneless Cornish Hen With A Garlic And Herb Demi-Glace Sauce

  • $30

    Calves Liver

    Onions, Bacon, Marsala, Vinegar

  • $36

    Flounder Francese

    Capers,Shiitake,White Wine And Lemon

  • $46

    Pork Chop

    Premium Reserve, Panko Crusted With Cherry Peppers And A Balsamic Reduction

  • $52

    Tagliata-New York Strip

    18 oz. Prime, Dry-Aged New York Strip, Grilled And Sliced Over Onions And Mushrooms With Red Wine And Rosemary Butter

  • $50

    Rack Of Lamb

    Mustard crusted  Australian Rack, Port Wine Sauce

  • $54

    Filet Mignon

    Grilled 10 oz. Filet With Sautéed Mushrooms,Red Wine Balsamic Reduction

  • $10

    Broccoli Rabe or Escarole orAsparagus or Broccoli or Spinach or Mushrooms

    Steamed OR Sauteed In Garlic And Oil